Adolescent and Youth Initiatives



Adolescent and Youth Initiatives


UNICEF Belize and the NCFC has built an enduring partnership on the mutual objective of promoting spaces for adolescent and youth participation both as a right of children, and as a principle for guiding effective programme planning. 


The Nex'Us Platform allows for these individual programmes to connect in this digital space to serve as a hub. Each initiative engages adolescents and youth in a different area of participation bit collectively they cover the full spectrum of engagement allowing adolescent and youth o be effective advocates for themselves. 


These initiatives will recruit and host session on Nex’Us Platform. 


  1. Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities Initiative/Child Advisory Body – community engagement

  2.  U-Report – opinion polling and data collection from U-Reporters

  3. Kid’Orama/ITR - media engagement

  4. Children Parliamentarians – political advocacy in House of Representatives

  5. Nex-Us Facilitators – Digital influencers/trainers on Nex’Us Platform