What does NCFC do

The NCFC follows its Strategic Action Plan 2017-2021 that aims to delineate a number of interventions and actions points that are expected to further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the initiatives and contributions of NCFC towards the fulfillment of the rights of children. The identified actions are assumed to contribute to the establishment of a set of results, to be grouped under the term “Key Result Areas (KRA).” Each KRA contains one or more goals that articulates the intended results. The strategy to achieve the goals show the specific intervention choices that NCFC has made of the possible options. It is without doubt that the goals and strategies speak to a period of time that exceeds the duration of the present strategic action plan. Therefore the goals articulated in the plan are deemed to set realistic and achievable milestones for the said period.


Overall Goal: The fulfillment of children’s right is regarded and treated as a crucial aspect of national development planning and intentional social investment.The five Key Result Areas (KRAs)  represent a causal pathway that will produce the results needed to improve the lives of children and their families. It identifies advocacy (legal and political change)  as the overarching strategy which is to be guided by Policy and Legal Reform, Monitoring and Evaluation and Children and Adolescent Participation.  The idea is that advocating for necessary policy and legal changes, identifying and executing a monitoring and evaluation framework and engaging young opinion leaders/rights holders  to advocate for their rights will cumulatively lead to positive changes for children and their families.